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Boston, Massachusetts, USA


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Founded in 2014, Union Capital Boston's mission is to transform social capital into opportunity by rewarding community engagement. We are an innovative community-based nonprofit that activates volunteerism and participation to build resilient communities. We spark increased resident activity in Boston's organizations and neighborhoods.

What We Do

Our innovative approach combines technology and relationship building to strengthen neighborhood networks, build social capital, and create new pathways of opportunity for individuals and community. The UCB mobile app loyalty rewards program aggregates hundreds of cross-sector resources into one searchable calendar. Members use the tool to find new opportunities, log their engagement in the App, and earn financial rewards for the time they commit (ucbapp.org, Guest Login: guest@unioncapitalboston.com Password: community).

UCB's cadre of trained Network Leaders are responsible for signing up residents, building relationships of support, and working with them on collective challenges. Each week across the city, Network Leaders host Network Nights, a space where community members share information, discuss ideas and challenges, and host a marketplace to exchange goods and services. This resident-led network of over 1,200 members has grown through a word-of-mouth model and through our partnerships with mission-driven community-based organizations in Dudley, Grove Hall, Jackson/Egleston Squares, Mattapan, and East Boston.

Over the past four years, members have collectively invested nearly 500,000 hours into their educations, volunteerism, and community building - recorded via the UCB App. They have earned over $400,000 in rewards, directly reinvesting in family and community advancement. Families get ahead by giving back.

As one UCB member shares, "Equity is possible across all core areas of community and systems linked to everyday life when we invest our time in being aware, informed, active and available citizens to make positive change happen in our communities and for the greater good thereof. UCB represents this idea so clearly through its design and function to bring people together to learn and share on a regular basis. I'm here for it!"


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Anna L.

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