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"T3: Harnessing nature and community to foster teen wellness and resilience."

What We Do

At Teens Thriving Together (T3), we're embracing the simplicity of getting back to the basics to enhance teen mental health. Our program is centered around engaging in farm work, experiencing the calm of nature, and appreciating the everyday beauty of sunsets.

Central to our ethos is volunteering with local farmers. This not only connects teens with the land but also imparts valuable community values and practical skills. We advocate for a shift from digital distractions to the enriching simplicity of natural environments, promoting stress reduction and improved mental health.

We combine mindful practices with physical activities, drawing from the knowledge of experts like Dr. Laurie Santos and Dr. Andrew Huberman, to create a supportive and enriching environment for teens. This holistic approach blends the tranquility of nature with engaging, hands-on experiences to foster personal growth and resilience.

T3 offers a journey of personal growth and discovery. Our participants engage in a variety of tasks that build character, enhance teamwork skills, and deepen their appreciation for the environment.

Physical wellness is interwoven into our program through activities that engage both the body and mind. Teens participate in tasks like planting, harvesting, and caring for farm animals, along with nature walks and mindfulness exercises. Each activity is designed to instill a sense of fulfillment, well-being, and connection to the earth.

Join us at T3, where we guide teens on a path to rediscover the fundamental joys of life and nature. Our mission aligns with our daily practices: to positively impact teen lives, support local farming communities, and focus on holistic personal development in a respectful and effective way.


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Nicholas W.
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Volunteer manager
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