So Others Might Eat (SOME)

Washington, District of Columbia, USA


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SOME (So Others Might Eat) is an interfaith, community-based organization that exists to help the poor and homeless of our nation's capital. We meet the immediate daily needs of the people we serve with food, clothing and health care. We help break the cycle of homelessness by offering services, such as affordable housing, job training, addiction treatment, and counseling, to the poor, the elderly and individuals with mental illness.

What We Do

SOME operates a continuum of programs that are organized into three levels: emergency programs that meet acute needs; rebuilding programs that address the underlying causes of homelessness and poverty; and stability programs that support the maintenance of health, sobriety and income gained through the first two levels of services.
• Meals are served twice daily, every day of the year, in our Dining Room for the Homeless. Over 427,200 meals are served each year.
• Showers and free clothing are offered daily. Over 22,200 showers and free sets of clothing are provided throughout the year.
• Health Services includes the Medical Clinic, Dental Clinic, Eye Clinic and Behavioral Health Services Clinic. These integrated clinics accommodate 24,400 patient visits per year.

• Center for Employment Training is a licensed, six-month, job training program that prepares students to secure and retain jobs that pay a living wage. Approximately 92 students graduate each year.
• Mental Health Services include an emergency shelter for individuals experiencing a psychiatric crisis and a day socialization program for adults with severe and persistent mental illness. Approximately 591 men and women are served each year.
• Addiction Treatment includes a 90-day residential treatment program and a transitional housing/job readiness program. 300 men and women are served each year.

• Affordable Housing for Single Adults: Long-term housing with supportive services is provided for 595 homeless and extremely low-income single adults.
• Affordable Housing for Families: Long-term housing with supportive services is provided for 192 homeless and extremely low-income families, including 375 children.
• Elderly Services: The Senior Center provides meals, transportation and socialization to an average of 102 senior citizens each day. Over 60 homebound elderly receive food deliveries, case management, telephone reassurance and transportation.


Anna C.

Volunteer Manager