On The Rise, Inc.

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA


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Our mission is to create a community where women have the relationships, safety, and resources they need to move out of homelessness. We engage with those most in need and support their initiative and strength as they move beyond crisis and discover new possibilities.

What We Do

On The Rise is a day program that is uniquely effective at working with homeless and formerly-homeless women who do not fit the requirements of other programs.

For example, a woman might not have a firm commitment to leave an abusive partner, a treatment plan for her mental illness, a plan to address her use of drugs and alcohol, or a clean criminal record. On The Rise meets women where they are. Our hopes of her, and her hopes for herself, grow as our relationship grows.

Our Staff:
Our dedicated team combines the insight that comes from personal experiences of homelessness, violence and addiction with the clinical training of licensed social workers.

Our House:
Our beautiful, non-institutional home affirms our esteem for the individuals within it and offers them safety, essentials for daily survival, and a welcoming community.

We pay attention to the things that women choose to share with us, and we have the flexibility to work with them on the issues that they determine are important.

Off-Site Advocacy:
Providing advocacy and support for women in the community is a vital part of the services we provide at On The Rise. We accompany women to hospitals, courtrooms, government offices, shelter/housing agencies, and many other places throughout Greater Boston.

On The Rise's Safe Haven is a community of safety and trust where women are known holistically as people, not only as a list of challenges and problems.

The Safe Haven’s inclusive and non-judgmental atmosphere is fostered by On The Rise’s Community Advocates, the team of direct service staff who administer all aspects of what we do. The rules of the Safe Haven are based on safety and respect. There is no sobriety policy at On The Rise, and program participation is always voluntary.

When a woman first comes to On The Rise, she meets with a Community Advocate to discuss her immediate needs. She is not asked to answer a laundry list of questions or to immediately share personal details about her life in order to receive services. Instead, there is a conversation and an introduction to what the On The Rise community offers and the services we provide. Over time, trusting and supportive relationships are built between women and staff.

Our goal is to be real for women, to meet them where they are and to build relationships and connections with them. On The Rise is a community that women can belong to and grow from; a community that celebrates, honors, and remembers them.

Services we offer:
Tangible Life Essentials
Accompaniment and Advocacy
Health Access
Wellness Program


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