Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women Inc


Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

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Violence Prevention, Human Services, Women's Issues


The mission of the Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women is to provide a voice for battered women and member programs; challenge systems and institutions so they respond more effectively to the needs of battered women and their children; promote social change; and support, educate, and connect member programs.

What We Do

*Build capacity of advocates, community partners, and others to better meet the needs of survivors and their children and to effect political and social change to end domestic violence.

*Serve as a reliable resource to member programs, the community, and the public in Minnesota on all aspects of domestic violence.

*Create connections and build relationships that promote shared understanding, trust, and engagement in the movement to end domestic violence.

*Change the societal values and structures that foster domestic violence by promoting community support for challenging those values and structures.

*Promote public policy that supports all survivors and their children and holds people who abuse accountable.

*Build a healthy and sustainable organization that responds to member program needs and leads state-wide efforts to end domestic violence.