Matahari Women Workers' Center

Boston, Massachusetts, USA


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MataHari: Eye of the Day is a Greater Boston organization of women of color, immigrant women and families who organize as sisters, workers, and survivors for personal and societal transformation, justice and human rights.

What We Do

We develop survivors of trafficking and exploitation into leaders and change agents -- from healing from their suffering into policymakers!

In 2002, MataHari was founded by Carol Gomez and other women of color leaders. Originally known as Trafficking Victims Outreach and Services (TVOS), its mission was to create community solutions to prevent and end human trafficking, family violence and sexual and labor exploitation. MataHari’s initial focus was working with women of color the majority of whom were immigrants whose particular needs were often unmet by traditional violence against women organizations. We managed over 400 cases of women and immigrants suffering a range of human rights violations including labor and sexual exploitation, human trafficking, and domestic violence. Beyond intensive counseling and access to legal, housing and health resources, through case-management, MataHari created a safe and supportive network that women could continue to turn to during their life-long processes of healing from abuse and exploitation, and empowering themselves through individual growth and social action.


Monique N
Monique N.

Executive Director