Kids Smiles

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

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Health & Nutrition


To provide children in under-served communities with preventive and restorative oral health care as well as innovative health education programs, focusing on the prevention of dental disease and the development of positive, personal health behaviors.

What We Do

Kids Smiles works to improve the oral health of children in our community with an approach that is unique to the oral health care industry. We address the barriers to good oral health that low income children face in three ways: providing access to a dental home in under-served neighborhoods; providing outreach services through community partnerships with schools, early childhood learning centers, primary care centers, and other organizations; and improving health literacy with a comprehensive oral health education program provided in our waiting rooms and the community. Kids Smiles treats more than 18,000 children in our dental centers and reaches more than 20,000 children and parents with educational programming on an annual basis.