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artlab21 Foundation is a public, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization operating ESMoA. Defined as an Arts Laboratory rather than a traditional museum, ESMoA's mission is to act as a catalyst for creative thinking in the Los Angeles County South Bay -- Spreading The Spark of Creativity-- with a focus on experimental exhibitions, community engagement, and arts education. ESMoA seeks to recalibrate rules of understanding, knowing, and doing through the arts. ESMoA believes that art, art education, and the humanities are at the foundation of any society.

What We Do

ESMoA's triangular programming structure is anchored by the following elements:

1) Experiences (our word for exhibitions):
Experimental, broadly themed exhibitions that take place over several months and are always free and open to the public. Each spotlights a theme featuring one or multiple contemporary artists. Experiences serve as the focal point for our educational curriculum and public programs.

2) Arts Education and Public Programs:
Developed to accompany each Experience exhibition, ESMoA's Public Programs are designed for all ages and abilities ranging from art making and artist engagements, to family and teen themed activities, to workshops, lectures, screenings and film festivals.
ESMoA's free School Field Trips create opportunities for equitable participation and access to high quality, robust, and stimulating arts education for students from all over the South Bay and LA County.

3) Artists in Residence:
ESMoA's priority to nurture diverse contemporary practices led to the creation of our two residency programs. The international AIR program is an on-site, 3 months residency for an international artist who is nominated by institutional partners. ESMoA's LAB residency is an open call for an LA-based artist to create an original, commissioned artwork, performance or composition that responds to the current Experience exhibition.


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