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curaJOY is a 501(c)3 non-profit that provides a one-stop solution for families to raise socially and emotionally thriving kids through evidence-based digital solutions that promote personal growth, continued practice, and authentic social connections in real life. We partner with psychologists, educators, parents, and kids in the United States and Asia to develop interactive digital programs that enable transformative and autonomous learning in English, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese with plans to make other languages available. Our kid-centric conversational approach engages today's youth to become active participants on their growth journey to gain emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and positive habits for themselves and their families.

What We Do

curaJOY shapes families' behaviors thus environments by engaging children and parents through games designed to build their self-confidence, social-emotional skills and improve their interaction dynamics. In this way, we aim to enhance the entire family's emotional wellness and develop the next generation of successful adults and community leaders who will lead the way in developing a socially responsible, diverse, and productive world. curaJOY's Quest Depot app improves families' emotional wellness with an omnichannel conversational learning app that integrates Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, real-life projects, rewards, and gamification. Participants interact with in-game embodied agents who deliver personalized content sourced from the collective wisdom of psychologists, educators, business leaders, and youth worldwide, based on their age, communication style, performance history, and mood.


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