Baltimore Campaign for Grade Level Reading

Baltimore, Maryland, USA


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The Baltimore Campaign for Grade Level Reading is a Coalition of 200 non-profits, public agencies, community organizations, service providers and funders all working together to build strategies to ensure all children read well by the time they finish third grade.

What We Do

Substantial research clearly demonstrates that children who are successful readers by the end of third grade are much more likely to succeed in school, less likely to repeat a grade, and more likely to graduate from high school and attend college. However, in 2017, only 13% of Baltimore City Public Schools students and 9% of low-income students in Baltimore City Public Schools performed at or above proficient for reading according to the National Association for Educational Progress.

The Baltimore Campaign for Grade Level Reading is dedicated to ensuring all children in Baltimore City read proficiently by the completion of third grade. Our work is anchored in three areas:

Literacy rich environments: ensuring that all children have access to quality books that represent the diversity of the children of Baltimore.

Access to high quality resources and opportunities: ensuring that all families have access to high quality resources and programming.

Prepared and informed adults: ensuring that all adults can deliver key literacy practices and resources to support reading development and growth.


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