See how Wai Lin's skills helped Athena Collaborative Group on an E-Newsletter project.

Christina D.

Athena Collaborative Group

Athena Collaborative Group's mission is to expand the population of women entering and thriving in quantitative roles at all levels in competitive industries like Investment Banking. We are dedicated to recasting the possibilities for girls and their careers by transforming the conversations th...
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Feb 18, 2012


Wai Lin Y.


I have 9 years of email marketing, social media, online marketing experience. If you need help with your e-newsletter, social media strategy, or online marketing plans, I might be able to help. I currently enjoy volunteer at Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC as a big sister.

What did Wai Lin have to offer?

I wish I had learned about an organization like yours when I was growing up. I think that the work you do is critical in today's economy and it's important we educate girls about the world of finance. I have been working in the email marketing field for 9 years and would love to help with this!


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