See how Herbert's skills helped Milan Seniors for Healthy Living on a CARES Act call.

Marie G.

Milan Seniors for Healthy Living

Encouraging independence and dignity by redefining aging.

What did Marie need?

I'd like strategic advice on potentially cutting a program that has an active staff person and how it could impact our PPP.

Speaking with Marie was a pleasure. She explained the problem very succinctly and we followed up via email on specific points.
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Herbert Q.


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Jun 30, 2020


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Herbert Q.


A business professional with a background spanning strategy, corporate finance, and principal investing, Herbert enjoys finding value for businesses in creative ways. Herbert's business experience includes principal investing at CCI where he deployed over $100 mm of equity and raised $350 mm of d...
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What did Herbert have to offer?

I am a 20-year finance and regulatory affairs veteran and have worked in highly-regulated industries. More specifically, I have been closely following both the Congressional legislation as well as the SBA and Department of Treasury regulations pertaining to the CARES Act including the Paycheck Protection Program. Additionally, I have helped several nonprofit organizations with their PPP applications as well as prepping them for their loan forgiveness process - this includes the nonprofit for which I am a board member.

Herbert was very helpful as we navigate some tough situations. He knows what he is talking about and quickly followed up with additional information. I'm glad we talked!
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Marie G.

Volunteer Manager

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