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Ann B.


Everyone is a writer, we believe, or has the potential to be a one. YpsiWrites provides a needed home for writers of all ages to find their voices, their purposes, and their audiences, and to find joy in writing.

What did Ann need?

We need to create a unique and appealing identity for this new project -- something that will appeal to our stakeholders, which include middle and secondary students, teachers, and schools in relation to writing and literacy support. We also need strong and identifiable branding in order to appeal to potential donors and supporters.

Working with the team behind YpsiWrites was amazing. They were thoughtful and responsive with their feedback, and listened well to my ideas and expertise. Lastly, they were tremendously friendly and fun throughout the process.
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Dolan P.


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May 29, 2020


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Dolan P.


Hello, I'm Dolan, an in-house Creative Director at a software company outside of Portland, OR. I've got a decade of experience in video, design and photography. I'm very passionate about top-notch creative work and volunteering!

What did Dolan have to offer?

Education is an important cause to me, but your project really jumped out because I'm from the Ann Arbor area! I grew up in Chelsea, and my mother is actually an EMU alumni, and was a even a freelance writer for the Ann Arbor News. I've got over a decade of experience designing strategic brands for companies of all sizes.

Working with Dolan was amazing. When we interviewed Dolan we were so impressed with his process, which he very clearly laid out and which made him the clear choice for our project, a logo design for a new county-wide writing center for secondary students. Dolan captured and conveyed the essence o...
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Ann B.

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