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Rolland J.

Silicon Valley Urban Debate League (SVUDL)

Our mission is to empower Silicon Valley students, regardless of their race or socioeconomic status, to reach their full potential to become professional and community leaders by teaching critical thinking and communication skills through speech and debate programming.

What did Rolland need?

We are looking for a short, new video to briefly describe our work and impact. Something easy to pass along. We recently received an award from the Law Foundation of Silicon Valley, and they hired professional videographers to conduct interviews and obtain b-roll footage at a debate tournament. The final video they produced included info about the Law Foundation. We'd like a similar video, but without reference to the Law Foundation. And they gave us all the raw video files for that purpose.

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May 22, 2020


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Eddie A.


-Experienced and creative visual storyteller, videographer and editor with a focus on community and personal narratives; -Emmy Award-winning program host, television news anchor, reporter, interviewer and producer with extensive experience in the New York City and Chicago markets in English an...
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What did Eddie have to offer?

Throughout my career as television news reporter I have covered both education funding discrepancies and social justice issues tied to community resources and services. With that journalistic background and skills as a visual storyteller who aims to create actionable, compelling narratives, I'd be excited to help Silicon Valley Urban Debate League in any way I can. As an experienced television reporter, interviewer and multimedia journalist, I have a strong background in crafting informative and creative visual stories with compelling narratives. I very much enjoy working collaboratively to produce content that is meaningful and can effect actionable responses from viewers.

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