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Duane S.


Seacology protects island habitats and assists local communities by offering villages a unique deal: if they agree to create a forest or marine reserve, we'll provide funds for something the village needs, like a schoolhouse or health clinic. Since 1991, we've launched over 300 projects, working ...
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What did Duane need?

We are about to launch one of the biggest projects in our organization's history and we need to ramp up our fundraising to get it underway!

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Feb 14, 2020


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Sarah M.


I am a young professional interested in responsible business, particularly in the natural resources sector. I have several years of experience working with NGOs in the US and Thailand and understand intimately the financial challenges small organizations in particular face and the important role ...
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What did Sarah have to offer?

As someone who has fought for the inclusion of community voices in global development solutions, I find Seacology's project approach to conservation fascinating. I have a particular interest in how community solutions to managing critical natural resources can address challenges of economic and environmental sustainability so I am keen to learn more about Seacology's process and to support their projects through this prospect research. While fundraising has not always been the core focus of my professional expertise, during my time with the Bank Information Center and ALTSEAN-Burma I was involved in the different aspects of fundraising, such as managing current funder relationships, researching new fundraising opportunities, and drafting grant proposals and donor reports. I have also already conducted a similar prospect research project through Catchafire for another organization focused on climate change, so am already familiar with the landscape of donors in the areas where Seacology works, such as conservation and community engagement.

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