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Flora K.

Sustainable San Mateo County

Sustainable San Mateo County is dedicated to the long-term health of our county’s economy, environment and social equity. Our mission is to stimulate community action on economic, environmental and social issues by providing accurate, timely and empowering information.

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Sustainable San Mateo County's mission is to encourage community action on issues relating to sustainability by providing accurate timely and empowering information Pathways to Sustainable Communities is a new project that goes beyond SSMC's 20 years of data reporting to identify steps and solutions that individuals decision makers and communities can take toward more sustainable futures The project inspired by stories of successful sustainable living will take a narrative-based approach and involve six main areas of research: Climate Disruption & Adaption, Education & Workforce Development, Resource & Habitat Conservation, Efficient Transportation, Community Health, and Jobs and Homes.

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Mar 7, 2018


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lei J.


Economics Professor with over 9 years of research experiences * A proven track record of analytical skills (Economic Modelling; Data Mining; Data Analysis; Business Analysis; Market Research) * Familiar with R, SAS, Matlab, STATA * Flexible and adaptable as a team leader and/or player * Stro...
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Lei is very knowledgable and responsive, I recommend working with her.
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Flora K.

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