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Marisol A.

La Alianza Hispana

The mission of this project is to bring up to date La Alianza Hispana web site. La Alianza Hispana, is a non-profit organization that have been serving the Boston Latino community for over 45 years. We want to make sure that our website represents who we are and what kind of services we are curr...
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What did Marisol need?

La Alianza Hispana had been part of the Hispanic community in Greater Boston for more than 45 years, the name has recognition in the community. However, what does La Alianza do for the community?. How do we have a short and clear mission/vision of the agency . How do we sparks and motivate people to learn more about our work. How we can engage staff and funder by written a strong mission, vision and core values.

All the best to La Alianza Hispana and the great work they are doing for the Latino community of Massachusetts. They were very focused and easy to work with
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Bob M.


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Feb 6, 2018


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Bob M.


I'm a brand marketing expert, accomplished story-teller, executive speechwriter and coach with decades of experience helping organizations and people tell compelling stories. Volunteering on Catchafire has been a great way for me to share my experience while learning about amazing causes and th...
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What did Bob have to offer?

I believe we are already working on this project I believe this is the project that we are currently working on. If so, please accept this application and we can review your Mission, Vision, and Values work on our Feb 7 call.

An amazing experience . Very professional and high knowledge.
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Marisol A.

Volunteer Manager

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