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Patty H.

Camp Dreamcatcher

Camp Dreamcatcher provides free therapeutic and educational programs to HIV/ AIDS impacted youth.

What did Patty need?

Camp Dreamcatcher is more than just a camp! We have been offering free therapeutic and educational programs to HIV/AIDS impacted youth on the east coast for 21 years. Our current logo includes a dreamcatcher with our Camp Dreamcatcher name in it and we want to change the logo/brand to include all of our programs.

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Jan 29, 2017


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Ean Everett W.


I'm looking forward to volunteering my time and expertise to help you present your mission and programs at the highest caliber through the creation of aesthetically pleasing, satisfyingly useful, and genuinely engaging touch points. Born and raised in Upstate New York and Vermont, I've had the...
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What did Ean Everett have to offer?

As the oldest of nine children, I understand the incredible value of experiences, such as the ones you offer, for the growth, success, and compassion of the next generation. As I've already began to think of various concepts, I'm thrilled with the unique name and the avenues we could take to give Camp Dreamcatcher a fresh face. Beginning in my youth, my appreciation for purposeful aesthetics has flourished throughout my education and career. Today, when I'm not working on this major rebrand project for a government entity, I enjoy working on various design and creative projects. With six years of experience, I'll tale my keen eye for and deep understanding of design to create a stunning new logo design and visual brand identity. As I believe there is no such thing as a stock logo or template, I'm excited to translate your identity foundations to a powerful representation to convey your mission and excellence.

I loved Ean's passion and creativity. He was a perfect fit for Camp Dreamcatcher. Collaborating with Ean was a great experience!
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Patty H.

Volunteer Manager

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