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Mira P.

Partnership for a Healthier JC

While our economic and social circumstances may differ, we all aspire to lead the best lives that we can. To affect large-scale, meaningful change, organizations and individuals at all levels must work together to efficiently manage limited resources and build momentum toward a healthier city for...
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What did Mira need?

We would like to talk about best practices to create a website and RFP, in particular with technical aspects.

Great call - it was quick, but hopefully helpful. Possible follow-up discussions.
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Diana M.


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Jan 31, 2017


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Diana M.


I have over 20 years of marketing, technology and management experience. Over those years I have been privileged to work with large Fortune 500 companies, international ministries, non-profit organizations and new start-ups. My passion is to serve the client, to serve my team and to exceed expect...
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What did Diana have to offer?

Being from an agency background I have answered many RFP's for website development. From that experience, I know what is needed for people/companies to provide an accurate bid for a website build.

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