See how JEB's skills helped Elijah's Promise on an E-Newsletter project.

Anthony C.

Elijah's Promise

For over 25 years, Elijah’s Promise harnesses the power of food to break the cycle of poverty, alleviate hunger, and change lives. We accomplish our mission through activities which include a community soup kitchen, supportive health and social services, a community garden, culinary training cen...
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What did Anthony need?

We use Constant Contact to reach out to about 10,000 local residents and we need your skills to make sure our email communication is attractive and provocative for both regular supporters and first time learners of Elijah's Promise. Your work will help us boost attendance at events, share successes, rally volunteers, and increase our presence in the community.

Great organization!
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Jan 21, 2017




Holding a professional background in marketing, paid social and search campaign management, content creation, and website design/management, I'm interested in volunteering my experiences to help non-profit organizations.

What did JEB have to offer?

In 2017 I made it a personal mission of mine to do more "good" - that is a wide-encompassing goal, but so far I've followed through on that project, donating my time and materials to several different organizations - primarily dealing with homelessness and poverty. I would love to have the opportunity to donate my professional skills to such a cause. Reading up on your organization, I'm very much impressed with your goals and mission, and I'd be honored to help you along your journey to ending poverty. In my current position I use Constant Constant on a monthly basis, using it as a way to update, communicate, and market to our customer base. I have created coupons, infographics, and newsletters through Constant Contact, striving to create the most informational and engaging content possible. Creating an E-Newsletter is something I've done numerous times, and I feel confident a can create one that will educate and add value to your project and organization.

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