See how Christine's skills helped Epitome of Soul, Inc. on a Strategic Plan project.

Nailah B.

Epitome of Soul, Inc.

Epitome of Soul, Inc. partners with community organizations to equip, empower, and encourage elementary and high school students to strive for academic excellence and cultural growth through the arts.

What did Nailah need?

The success of our organization depends on our ability to serve students in urban communities. Without your help, we cannot move forward in serving our students in a greater capacity. Your skills will empower us to expand and provide arts programming to more students.

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Jan 19, 2017


Christine F.


Nonprofit work feeds my soul; I love that my experience and skills can not only be fully utilized, but also help others. Whether it's direct services, managing an organization, or consulting, being part of the solution to the world's challenges is wonderful. I have over 25 years of nonprofit ...
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What did Christine have to offer?

I am a trained classical musician. An appreciation for performing arts was instilled from an early age, and music education and performance added great value to my life. It provided me a necessary sense of personal accomplishment, and a sense of community and contribution. The mission of your organization resonates with me because of my personal experience. As an aside, having perused the website, I see missed opportunities to help the organization shine more brilliantly, and would enjoy helping add these elements into the strategic plan. I am excited to help! The strategic planning process is some of my favorite work. It invigorates an organization with bold strokes, hope and possibility. Both in traditional employment and as a consultant, I have enjoyed success in leading organizations in SWAT analysis, thoughtful planning, and incorporating a vital step - implementation. Maintaining the momentum and enthusiasm necessary to reach the stated long-term goals is key. I have developed methods to accomplish this - ways to ensure progress and accountability, and make it enjoyable! Strategic planning requires rigor; reaching the declared goals requires stamina. It need not be a drudgery.

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