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Bettina S.

Festival Mozaic

To provide powerful live music experiences of classical and classically-inflected music on the California Central Coast.

What did Bettina need?

We would like you to review a press release and offer suggestions for how to distribute it to get more media attention.

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Oct 14, 2016


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Kate H.


Hello there--I'm a former business journalist (BusinessWeek, WSJ etc) and marketing writer who went freelance in 2009 to raise my family. The best advice I can give you, really, is that when you write a press release consider your 'job' to be that of making a journalist's life easier: Hand them a...
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What did Kate have to offer?

Ten-plus years in journalism for a wide range of publications, combined with a skill for strategy and execution homed in the corporate sector, puts me in a good position to help as you move forward on trying to land story placements.

This project was left open after our Executive Director (Bettina) left the organization! Sorry...
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Bettina S.

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