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Mozart G.

21 Progress

The mission of 21 Progress is to Build a 21st Century Movement for Equity & Justice. 21 Progress provides programs that empower leaders among the hard working people of Washington and advances bold ideas for economic and social justice. Through popular education, civic engagement and arts &...
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What did Mozart need?

We would like to talk about strategic planning/yearly goals

I really enjoyed working with Mozart. I am very excited for the work 21 Progress is doing in the community!
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Dossier H.


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Oct 11, 2016


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Dossier H.


Dossier is an enthusiastic Leadership and Organization Development Strategist. Her compassion and love for people drive what she does. She understands that healthy, happy, competent people who feel safe and welcome in the workplace create sustainable business models and goal attainment. She assi...
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What did Dossier have to offer?

I worked for 2 years as the Director of Training for a start up in Malaysia. I know very well about creating vision, goals,and objectives for a new and emerging team (and also developing accountability measures for those goals). I would love to speak with you, provide resources, and share my experiences in this type of strategy that I used with my team in Malaysia as well as other organizations.

Dossier is a true professional and leadership expert. She made the most of our time together and taught me a great deal about leadership in a 1-hour call. It was incredible!
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Mozart G.

Volunteer Manager


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