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Gale B.

Recovery To Rebound Inc.

Preventing domestic violence by providing education on the early detection signs of domestic violence to the youth and domestic violence victims, while also providing safety and shelter to help victims to rebound back to the person that they are meant to be.

What did Gale need?

The success of our organization depends on donations. Without your help, we cannot recieve donations. Your skills will empower us to grow and change lives.

Gale is an incredible person with such an amazing vision to help her community! I loved working with her to develop Recovery to Rebound Inc. and can't wait to see where it goes in the future.
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Brandon H.


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Oct 11, 2016


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Brandon H.


I am a digital content specialist with a communications/public relations agency based in Birmingham, Alabama. I work to translate the messages of businesses and non-profits into digital content that engages with audiences and helps organizations strategically grow their work. My experience includ...
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What did Brandon have to offer?

I have witnessed domestic violence firsthand and understand the impact that it can have on the individual. Your organization seeks to empower victims of domestic violence and help them realize that they do not have to exist as just a "victim." Rather, they are an individual deserving of help during tough times so they can be who they aspire to be. I want to help you in achieving this so I know that a difference is being made. I have 4 years experience in developing non-profits/organizations focused on social issues, and have led efforts in reforming mission statements and values. I know what it takes to shape an organization in a way that not only engages the community but also engages the heart of the issue. My aim is to make an organization as successful as it can be, and I know with my help in crafting a mission and vision that speaks to the issue at hand I can help your organization achieve its goals and truly impact the lives of others.

He was great to work putting my vision first and help making it come to life.
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Gale B.

Volunteer Manager

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