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Maire O.

Youth Represent

Youth Represent is a holistic youth defense and advocacy non-profit organization. Our mission is to ensure that young people affected by the criminal justice system are afforded every opportunity to reclaim lives of dignity, self-fulfillment, and engagement in their communities. We provide crimin...
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What did Maire need?

We're lawyers. And we're good at being lawyers. What we're not good at is understanding phone and internet providers when they start to explain why we "absolutely need" an expensive service, or why one product is faster or safer than the other. If we were artists or farmers, these things would matter a little less. But we're a nonprofit legal services firm: we need to protect our clients' confidentiality--on a budget.

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Oct 13, 2016


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Damian A.


I've worked in IT for roughly 20 years in engineering and leadership roles. I enjoy working with people and using technology to help solve business problems. I'm currently an independent consultant and look forward to assisting organizations as a volunteer.

What did Damian have to offer?

I'd like to support your organization as you help young people to rebuild their lives by overcoming the legal obstacles they face. I have routinely performed assessments and provided recommendations based on the needs and goals of various businesses. I believe my experience and skills will be of value in helping with this opportunity.

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