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Help Coaching Corps by speaking with a member of their organization on the phone for 1 hour about their marketing strategy.
Coaching Corps
Oakland, CA, USA
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Coaching Corps
Oakland, CA, USA


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Posted July 26th

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Marketing Strategy Call

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We are restructuring & I'm looking for ways to reposition goals & priorities, set up processes to allow us to accomplish the work with limited staff & level set, and how to communicate shift to staff

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About The Org

Coaching Corps
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Lauren C.

Marketing and Communications Director

Our Mission

To ensure that kids in low-income communities of color can reap the benefits of playing sports with a trained and caring coach.

What We Do

WHY we do it
We believe every child needs a caring mentor in their lives to realize their full potential; we believe that well-trained coaches turn sports into experiences that last a lifetime.

HOW we do it
By partnering with over 700 afterschool program partners across the country, we have provided over 210,000 youth with the opportunity to play sports with the guidance of a caring, well-trained coach.

WHAT we do
We've designed the highest quality program to train, support, and engage sports mentors across the country.

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