Salesforce Database Customization.

People's Theatre Project
New York, NY, USA
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People's Theatre Project
New York, NY, USA


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Posted February 15th

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Project Details

What We Need

A customized Salesforce database application for tracking data including:

  • A customized set of Salesforce objects, with single-record editing of data and field history tracking (at most 15 object types).

  • A customized set of views, to allow table-based editing of data (at most 15 views).

  • A customized set of reports, to pull together data from multiple object types (at most 15 reports).

  • Migration of the current data into Salesforce (at most 1 spreadsheet or 1 existing database). If the data is not in digital form, a process for data migration.

  • Training for the organization's staff on how to use the customized Salesforce application and how to administer the application.

  • "Hand-off" documentation on the object schemas and any custom code written.

What We Have In Place
How This Will Help
This project will save us $24,000 , allowing us to

Project Plan

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About The Org

People's Theatre Project
Our Mission

Using socially relevant and participatory theatre, People’s Theatre Project aims to empower all residents of Northern Manhattan to become artists and activists in their own lives and the life of their community.

What We Do

People’s Theatre Project, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit community-based organization was founded in October 2008 to serve the people of Northern Manhattan with a particular focus on the Washington Heights and Inwood neighborhoods. To make its work available to everyone, regardless of economic status, all public programs are offered on a Pay-What-You-Can basis.

By successfully establishing a theatrical platform for the residents of Washington Heights/Inwood to identify, explore and address the issues that affect our world, we aim to transform the culture of the community from one of disconnection to one of peace, strength and unity. People’s Theatre Project engages the children, youth, adults, senior citizens and artists that coexist in the diverse neighborhood in an ongoing dialogue.

We envision Northern Manhattan as a diverse community that actively fosters a culture of peace where individuals have a voice, feel empowered to take a stand on issues that affect them and where disparate community sectors advocate for one another. Existing cultural, generational and economic gaps in our community are bridged by the telling of stories and theatre serves as a safe and inspiring alternative to violence for local youth. Neighbors of all ages, ethnicities and economic means join together in powerful performances that reflect their collective histories and needs, and the entire community is empowered to speak, act and be heard.


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