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Hunter Watson Memorial Fund
Mc Lean, VA, USA
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Hunter Watson Memorial Fund
Mc Lean, VA, USA


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Posted January 14th

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Marketing Strategy Call

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What We'd Like To Talk About
Project topic

I'd like to brainstorm ideas for our grants program, which offers funding to young entrepreneurs who have creative, promising ideas and just need financial support to make these a reality.

Additional Context

More information about our grants program can be found at Our greatest challenge right now is marketing the program to diverse communities of young people who may have an especially great need for our type of funding. We are struggling to attract qualified applicants with sociodemographic and geographic diversity.

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About The Org

Hunter Watson Memorial Fund
Our Mission

Hunter's Fund seeks out young people who dream of something they are deeply
curious and passionate about, then provides them with financial resources to
explore that passion.
We also work to reduce deaths and injuries from distracted driving accidents by
sponsoring programs that encourage young people to drive distraction-free.
At Hunter's Fund we're supporting young men and women of diverse interests and
talents, so they can let their passions shine.

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