Team Off-Site or Retreat Planning

Help NorthLakes Community Clinic have a focused, engaging and successful offsite retreat for their staff or clients by planning the content programming and logistics, and sharing best practices.
NorthLakes Community Clinic
Iron River, WI, USA
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NorthLakes Community Clinic
Iron River, WI, USA


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Posted January 7th

Team Off-Site or Retreat Planning

Project Details

What We Need
  • A detailed agenda for the team event, including a rundown of content and activities
  • A project plan that itemizes the key steps and timelines for preparation and logistical considerations, such as travel and accommodations, catering needs, guest speakers, session content development, and materials
  • A communication plan to attendees including themes, goals, logistics and any preparation participants should consider before the event
  • A draft budget showing any known costs associated with the team event
Additional Details

Just to clarify - we do not need all of the above deliverables. I'm soliciting ideas, guidance, materials and other items that make for a great professional development experience. We can handle the rest in-house.

What We Have In Place
  • We're scheduling 4, day-long mini retreats for our management staff. In this, we hope to tackle some larger professional development topics while also (covid-19 pending) bringing our managers from across our 20,000 squre mile region together. I'm looking for creative and innovative ways to engage 20-30 managers in topics like crucial conversations, time mgmt, burn-out, staff mgmt, etc. We're a $40m federally qualified health center in northern WI/so very rural with 12 clinics and 380 staff.
How This Will Help
This project will save us $8,686 , allowing us to serve more patients. Every dollar we don't invest in overhead, goes directly to patient care and expanding services.

COVID-19 and virtual everything has made our team a bit more fragmented and exhausted. We're also continuing to do some acquisitions so bringing on new clinics/cultures to our organization. Trying to balance ambitious growth, global pandemic and while our mgmt team has a lot of long-timers, we also have quite a few new managers in the mix.

Project Plan

Prep: Information Sharing
  • The Volunteer Manager shares information about the team event with the Professional, including the planned date, number of participants, total available budget, goals, and any other available details regarding the planned or preferred location, content, theme, or activities
  • The Professional and the Volunteer Manager meet to discuss the team event concept, brainstorm ideas for content and activities, and establish timelines for the project
  • Note: This project does not include the Professional's attendance at the team event or any coordination of the event itself. If you would like pro bono help with creating a detailed event budget for your team offsite, please post the Event Budget Creation project
Milestone 1: Content & Agenda Planning
  • Based on the Organization’s goals for the team event and the direction provided on content, the Professional provides an outline of the proposed content and schedule for the Volunteer Manager to review
  • The Volunteer Manager discusses the proposed content and schedule with other internal stakeholders, and provides feedback to the Professional
  • The Professional revises the proposed content and schedule, and advises the Volunteer Manager on next steps the Organization may need to take to develop the content, such as invite guest speakers, request staff members to lead sessions, etc.
Milestone 2: Logistics Planning
  • The Professional provides a draft project plan that identifies key preparation steps and logistics, as well as assignments and timelines for each item
  • The Volunteer Manager reviews the draft project plan with internal stakeholders, and provides feedback to the Professional including key logistics decisions like venue and timing.
  • The Professional finalizes the project plan, and advises the Volunteer Manager on next steps to implement it
Milestone 3: Draft Budget
  • The Professional drafts a budget for the team event and fills it in with any known costs, such as venue, travel, materials, guest speakers, etc.
  • The Volunteer Manager reviews the budget with internal stakeholders and provides feedback to the Professional
  • The Professional incorporates the feedback and delivers the draft budget to the Volunteer Manager
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