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Ossining, NY, USA
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Ossining, NY, USA


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Posted November 30th

Marketing Materials Call

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I'd like to brainstorm ideas for a poster for the Riverkeeper Sweep, our annual service project event. We want to inspire people to come clean and help restore the Hudson River and its wildlife.

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About The Org

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Monica D.

Membership Manager

Our Mission

Our Mission: To protect the environmental, recreational and commercial integrity of the Hudson River and its tributaries, and safeguard the drinking water of nine million New York City and Hudson Valley residents.

Our Vision: The Hudson River and the NYC Watershed are healthy ecosystems teeming with life. Residents and visitors care for and help protect these ecosystems, which provide safe drinking water and abundant opportunities for swimming, fishing, boating and other recreational activities.

Our Story: We began as the Hudson River Fisherman's Association and, over 50 years later, we are New York’s clean water advocate, having helped set worldwide standards for waterway and watershed protection and serving as the model for more than 300 Keeper programs around the globe.

What We Do

Riverkeeper focuses on three overarching problems facing Hudson River communities:

- Restoration of the Hudson River ecosystem, with particular emphasis on minimizing fish kills and water pollution;
- Protection of New York City’s drinking water supply; and
- Improving public access to the Hudson River.

Enforcement & Litigation:
Riverkeeper has successfully challenged the illegal activities of some of the largest and most notorious polluters, including: Exxon-Mobil, General Electric, Consolidated Edison, Metropolitan Transit Authority, the City of New York, and the New York State Department of Transportation.

Patrol Boat:
In any given season the Riverkeeper Patrol Boat logs approximately 5,600 nautical miles patrolling from New York Harbor downstate to Troy upstate.

Policy & Legislation:
As the Hudson Valley's chief law enforcer, Riverkeeper works to strengthen the laws and regulations that protect New York’s water and waterways.

Community Engagement:
Riverkeeper knows that protecting and restoring our waterways takes the effort of every citizen, which is why we use print, electronic media, and even our current traveling photo exhibit to teach the public about our work.

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