Help Mission Endowment Fund of the NT-NL Synod, ELCA enhance their annual reports, grant applications, and other marketing materials with compelling narratives about their organization’s mission, activities, and achievements.
Mission Endowment Fund of the NT-NL Synod, ELCA
Argyle, TX, USA
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Mission Endowment Fund of the NT-NL Synod, ELCA
Argyle, TX, USA


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Posted October 27th

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Project Details

What We Need
  • A compelling narrative, or set of stories
  • Persuasive copy that can be used in appeals to donors, annual reports, grant applications, and media relations
  • Popular examples: Organization's founding story, a program achievement or milestone, a look back at the past few years, organizational backgrounder, etc.
Additional Details

Our 26 year old non-profit is launching a new initiative focused on Legacy gifts. We have partnered with Catchafire volunteers to create a Fund Raising Plan and have completed numerous other projects. We have some wonderful stories to share about gifts and grants and we want to fine tune our story with this Storytellng project. We will then incorporate our enhahced story into collateral with future Catchafire projects.

What We Have In Place
  • Our Mission Endowment Fund has a 26 year history of giving grants to help underfunded initiatives in our communities. We have compelling videos with recipients of these grants sharing the impact the grants have had on their ministries. We have distributed nearly $ 1 Million dollars in grants. We also have a group of people who are making a legacy gift commitment and they can share their story of why they are making a legacy gift. We have a website and a committed team focused on legacy giving.
How This Will Help
This project will save us $2,397 , allowing us to provide additional funding for grants in the near and long term.

The Mission Endowment Fund provides seed money and ongoing support to enable ministries and projects that impact communities within in our region. In many cases, these projects would not be possible without our financial support.

Project Plan

Prep: Information Gathering
  • Volunteer Manager and Professional discuss the objectives of project and key audiences
  • Volunteer Manager provides Professional with relevant background materials (e.g., annual reports, white papers, brochures, organizational history)
Milestone 1: Storytelling Framework
  • Professional presents and discusses primary story angle(s) to the Volunteer Manager
  • Volunteer Manager facilitates interviews between Professional and individuals willing to share their story (if applicable)
Milestone 2: Document Creation
  • Professional shares draft with Volunteer Manager
  • Volunteer Manager provides Professional with up to two rounds of feedback
Milestone 3: Wrap-Up
  • Professional submits final version
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About The Org

Mission Endowment Fund of the NT-NL Synod, ELCA
Our Mission

The Mission Endowment Fund supports new and existing community mission projects across the North Texas and North Louisiana Region. Our Endowment Fund grants support ministries such as food banks, educational scholarships, new programs in the Latinx communities and new initiatives for teens and young adults. We are launching a new program in 2021 to build awareness and promote legacy giving, which will provide funding to expand our support of new and existing ministries and programs across our region.

What We Do

The 16-member Board of Directors manages the endowment investment and awards grants annually by approved application. We support new and creative ministries developed by the congregations and organizations in our geographic area to serve their communities, especially the underserved and vulnerable with feeding and educational programs and services. The Board is composed of lay and clergy members/leaders from our Synod (geographic area).

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