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Help Bundnis Burgerenergie e.V. create a professional-looking presentation they can use in important internal or external meetings.
Bundnis Burgerenergie e.V.
Berlin, Germany
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Bundnis Burgerenergie e.V.
Berlin, Germany


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Posted October 7th

Project Details

What We Need
  • A new presentation, or update to an existing presentation in Powerpoint, Keynote, Google Slides, Prezi, or another presentation software
  • Best practices and tactics for structuring an effective presentation
Additional Details

We are currently working on a Massive Open Online Course about citizen energy.
For our MOOC (which is like an online lecture) we are currently producing several videos about all topics related to community energy. In these videos experts from different fields are sharing their knowledge.
All these people shall use slides to support what they talk about.

We need one very good google slide template which all these speakers can use.

What We Have In Place
  • We can send you some former slides we used so you get an idea of what we need.
How This Will Help
This project will save us $3,002 , allowing us to invest in further education about community energy.

With this course we want to educate people about this topic and therefore enable them to produce their own energy from 100% renewable sources. That way we fight climate change and also social injustice.

Project Plan

Prep: Distribution of Prep Materials
  • Existing presentation (if applicable)
  • Specific elements to be included in the presentation, such as data, graphics, images, or key brand messaging
  • Organizational background materials helpful in crafting the presentation, including mission statement, programming, and key data
Milestone 1: Brainstorm
  • Professional and Volunteer Manager discuss the goals, intended audience, and desired length of the presentation
Milestone 2: Outline
  • Professional outlines the new presentation to convey overall arc, slides to be included, and important supporting elements
  • Volunteer Manager provides feedback, which Professional incorporates
Milestone 3: Final deliverable
  • Professional delivers a final draft of the presentation, along with notes to help guide oral presentation
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About The Org

Bundnis Burgerenergie e.V.
Our Mission

Citizen energy stands for a regenerative energy transition based on decentralized structures, which corresponds to democratic, social and ecological values. This corresponds to our basic understanding that economic goals should be put in the service of social purposes.

We are aiming at building a grassroots network for Germany's citizens to unite and become energy community experts. Our members are united by the conviction that the energy transition can only be successfully continued by involving citizen energy.

What We Do

BBEn represents with its 250 members about 500.000 energy citizens in Germany. Members are engaged as individuals, energy cooperatives, citizen energy communities as well as regional and nationally active associations and networks, aiming to push the energy transition and to fulfill a 100% renewable and decentralized energy system by 2030.

BBEn supports the networking of actors in the regions and is publicly committed to a culture of citizen energy. The alliance imparts knowledge and qualifications to citizen energy actors so that they can continue to actively shape the decentralized energy transition with innovative ideas.

BBEn aims at making citizen energy a main pillar of the energy supply supporting environmental and climate protection as well as the participation of local citizens. This is undertaken by dialogue processes, scientific research, education as well as networking of stakeholders.

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