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Richmond, VA, USA
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Richmond, VA, USA


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Posted September 24th

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What We'd Like To Talk About
Project topic

I'd like strategic advice on setting up systems and internal comms to effectively train and supervise a social media manager.

Additional Context

We are a small, all-remote team and have very little systems/processes built around a sustainable social media presence. I'd like to set us up for success in terms of increasing engagement, developing content, as well as developing and sticking to messaging strategy. What are the benchmarks we should set/be on the lookout for? What systems and processes do we need to create/subscribe to/develop? What's a good structure for weekly Zoom check-ins and asynchronous interaction?

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We equip Christian leaders and their communities with the resources to effectively engage in the work of reconciliation


Steve listened well and was helpful in offering suggestions and ideas. He also offered to follow-up with a short document to help prioritize and sequence the work ahead of me in our social media strategy and implementation.
Tiffanie Chan
Tiffanie C.

Communications Director

Social Media Phone Call

It was a great conversation. I think I helped and I'm going to follow up with a short document that further organizes our discussion.
Steve Gardner
Steve G.


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