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ZFA Zionist Federation Australia
Perth, Australia
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ZFA Zionist Federation Australia
Perth, Australia


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Posted September 16th

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What We'd Like To Talk About
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I'd like to learn more about putting subtitles on a video! Preferably in iMovie, or a way to get subtitles onto a video that was created in iMovie.

Additional Context

I have been creating short videos from our organisation that need to have subtitles on them so that they can be shared on social media (not just auto-generated on Facebook). I have been doing it in a very annoying way of adding titles to the bottom of iMovie but would like to learn if there is another way to do this that would be less time consuming.

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About The Org

ZFA Zionist Federation Australia
Our Mission

As the Australian Zionist representative roof body, the ZFA is committed to advocating for the State of Israel on behalf of the Jewish community in Australia and fostering a deep connection between Australia and Israel

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