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Latino Community Foundation of Colorado
Denver, CO, USA
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Latino Community Foundation of Colorado
Denver, CO, USA


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Posted September 15th

Tech Systems Call

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Hello, I am looking for someone to give advice on Google for Nonprofits account because of our unique situation. We have an account and need to set up the Google Workspaces features.

Additional Context

We originally created a gmail account under our fiscal sponsor/incubator org. We branched off on our own 3 years ago, and would like access to the workspaces for a project of ours. However, when I try to activate under our email account, we are directed to our previous org's account. Not sure what to do from here. Does anyone have any experience or advice? Should we set up a new account? Merge them together?

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About The Org

Latino Community Foundation of Colorado
Our Mission

LCFC's mission is to work hand in hand with our diverse communities to create culturally responsive strategies that build influence, equity and opportunity for all Latino Coloradans.

What We Do

Only once the Latino Community Foundation of Colorado has engaged with our Mission, Vision and Values, can we begin to do the work hand in hand with Latino Coloradans. LCFC then builds on the influence and power of Latino communities throughout Colorado -- from west of the Rocky Mountains and south of Pueblo, to the north of Fort Collins and throughout the Great Plains. We do this by investing in civic and economic development opportunities and community health and wellness and by elevating the existing work of individual leaders, nonprofit institutions, and regional communities.

LCFC staff meet with people, organizations and communities to learn about local strengths as well as challenges and discuss innovative solutions to overcome them. This engagement helps us design community-based efforts that connect authentically with communities on the front line and drive positive outcomes for Latinos in the state. These community-based efforts include capacity-building partnerships, culturally-authentic philanthropy, and relationship-forward connections that elevate local Latino communities and safeguard their wellbeing.

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