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American Hiking Society
Silver Spring, MD, USA
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American Hiking Society
Silver Spring, MD, USA


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Posted September 8th

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I'd like to brainstorm tech solutions for a nationwide community events database. In the past we have used Wordpress plugins and a database builder called Knack. Looking for a solution with a good UX.

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About The Org

American Hiking Society
Posted by
Wesley T.

Communications and Creative Director

Our Mission

We envision a world where everyone feels welcome in the American hiking community and has permanent access to meaningful hiking, including urban, frontcountry, and backcountry opportunities. We will achieve this vision by empowering all communities to enjoy, share, and preserve the hiking experience; advocating for the protection and expansion of hiking spaces; fostering trail stewardship; and collaborating with partners whose strengths are complementary.


John has years of great experience to provide great insight. John was great to speak with and it was helpful that he provided some examples to illustrate his point so I didn't need to have much background in IT and web development to understand the concepts.
Wesley T.

Communications and Creative Director

Tech Systems Phone Call

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