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Complex Trauma Project
Chicago, IL, USA
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Complex Trauma Project
Chicago, IL, USA


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Posted July 26th

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I'd like strategic advice on determining the minimum viable tech system setup Complex Trauma Project needs to launch.

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About The Org

Complex Trauma Project
Posted by
Joey V.

Executive Director and Founder

Our Mission

We are attacking the not-so-silent Complex PTSD epidemic ravaging American first responders, healthcare and other frontline workers due to this pandemic, as well as all complex trauma survivors from beforehand. CTP will provide typical public health services (awareness, outreach, etc) while employing Lean MVP methodology to improve C-PTSD treatment outcomes.

What We Do

We have a two-fold mission: 1) provide the typical services expected of a disease-specific nonprofit - awareness, outreach, education, direct services to survivors, etc. 2) Operate a "Complex PTSD Disruptive Innovations R&D Lab,"based on the Lean methodologies to drive rapid structural change in how Complex PTSD is diagnosed and treated in the US and then globally.


Paola was extremely helpful! We accomplished in about 40 minutes what would've otherwise taken me the better part of a day. She was also invested in our mission and really patient with me as I rambled on like founders often do. Great experience!
Joey V.

Executive Director and Founder

Tech Systems Phone Call

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