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Williamsburg Health Foundation
Williamsburg, VA, USA
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Williamsburg Health Foundation
Williamsburg, VA, USA


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Posted May 14th

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I'd like some help with Excel and its Power Query features.

Additional Context

I have an Excel spreadsheet pulling data from an external ODBC datasource. I have managed to get my data into Power Query for manipulation, but I feel like I might have taken the long way around. I'd also like some advice on how I might customize the same spreadsheet for 2 different sites without having to manage separate workbooks.

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About The Org

Williamsburg Health Foundation
Our Mission

Inspire collaboration, mobilize resources, and encourage innovation to enhance the health and well-being of people living in Greater Williamsburg.

Our vision is individuals making healthy choices in a community with health opportunity for all.

What We Do

In addition to work to create a healthy community, WHF works to help local nonprofit agencies build their capacity and to create a more vibrant nonprofit ecosystem in our community. To that end, we support Catchafire membership for 100 organizations.


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It was a real pleasure to meet Valerie and exchange tech tips.
Mark Russo
Mark R.


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