Marketing Strategy Consultation

Help Marians Dream: Philanthropy For Animal Advocate... brainstorm and plan ways to reach their target audience most effectively over a few phone calls.
Marians Dream: Philanthropy For Animal Advocates Inc
Brunswick, ME, USA
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Marians Dream: Philanthropy For Animal Advocates Inc
Brunswick, ME, USA


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Posted April 13th

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Marketing Strategy Consultation

Project Details

What We Need
  • 3-5 one hour strategy sessions with a marketing professional covering topics like marketing channels, messaging, branding and target audiences
  • A written summary of marketing goals, target audiences and channels to prioritize
  • A starter plan of recommendations & actionable next steps to begin executing your strategy
  • Note: This project does not include the creation of content such as emails, print materials, or social media posts
Additional Details

We will be starting from the beginning in our efforts to reach the general public with our message to spay or neuter cats prior to five months of age in order to prevent unwanted litters, prevent mammary gland cancer, greatly reduce spraying and marking in male cats. We have already been reaching out to veterinarians and now wish to make this important information common knowledge. We hope to raise awareness through magazines, newspapers, the social media and anything else that would work.

What We Have In Place
  • We currently have a web site, facebook page, print materials and a vet adviser, which should make it easy for you to get started. We also have many articles already written, brochures, and the ability to provide any other information you need.
How This Will Help
This project will save us $2,998 , allowing us to pay for the marketing we will need to pay for, and raise public awareness, preventing a great deal of suffering

It is most common for veterinarians to spay/neuter cats at or after six months of age by which time the male hormones have kicked in so they spray and mark; the female hormones often lead to mammary gland cancer and also unwanted litters of kittens. Our goal is to move the norm back by four weeks to five months, avoiding these problems. Concept approved by AVMA, AAHA, AAFP and other national vet groups, but public is not aware.

Project Plan

Prep: Information Sharing & Goal Setting
  • Volunteer Manager outlines any current marketing activities and strategies
  • Volunteer Manager shares any existing marketing materials
  • Professional connects with the Volunteer Manager for a brainstorming/overview session, to discuss goals, target audiences, and existing activities/materials
  • Professional and Volunteer Manager outline next steps and timeline for the project
Milestone 1: Strategy Sessions
  • Up to 3 strategy sessions with Professional, marketing/communications team, and/or others involved in strategy & decision-making
  • [Suggested Session] On-boarding session to discuss goals, themes and core messaging
  • [Suggested Session] Identifying target audience and messaging
  • [Suggested Session] Prioritizing marketing channels and executional starting points
Milestone 2: Next Steps
  • Professional shares brief with summary of discussion, agreed upon marketing strategies & tactics to prioritize, and areas for further exploration
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About The Org

Marians Dream: Philanthropy For Animal Advocates Inc
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Esther M.


Our Mission

To end the overpopulation of cats and dogs nationwide through prevention of unwanted litters.

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