Help MORE reach volunteers, beneficiaries, and supporters who speak a different language by translating their communications materials.
Saint Paul, MN, USA
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Saint Paul, MN, USA


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Posted March 24th

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Project Details

What We Need
  • Specific copy from one document (up to 1000 words) translated from one language to one other of the Organization's choice
  • Note: If you need more than 1000 words translated or copy translated into more than one language, please post additional versions of this project
Additional Details

Document translation into HMONG. We provide English Language classes for adult refugees and immigrants. We have created a Microsoft Teams user guide to help onboard new students. Some aspects of virtual learning will remain available even after the pandemic since it removes barriers to participating for some students - transportation and child care. The document is approximately 600 words.

What We Have In Place
  • We currently have the documents in English, which should make it easy for you to get started. We also have have a contact person, and the ability to provide any other information you need.
How This Will Help
This project will save us $7,098 , allowing us to pend our resources on equipment and hotspots to support engagement in our virtual English classes.

It will help us onboard new students more easily and quickly. Student contact hour reimbursement is the largest source of revenue for this organization and has seen dramatic decreases because of a lack of newly arrived refugees and immigrants. We expect to see an increase in students later this year.

Project Plan

Prep: Distribution of Current Materials
  • Volunteer Manager provides the current materials or resources that need to be translated, as well as and any existing materials or terminology already in the desired language
Milestone 1: Project Goals, Timeline & Process Established
  • Volunteer Manager shares information on where and how the materials will be used
  • Professional and Volunteer Manager outline next steps and timeline for the project
Milestone 2: Professional Translates Desired Materials & Volunteer Manager Provides Feedback
  • Professional translates the desired materials
  • Volunteer Manager reviews drafts of translated materials, and provides feedback to the Professional on content, grammar, and tone
Milestone 3: Finalized Translated Materials are Delivered to the Organization
  • Professional incorporates Volunteer Manager’s feedback and creates a final draft of the desired materials
  • Professional delivers final draft to the Volunteer Manager
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About The Org

Our Mission

MORE provides refugees and immigrants with the education and support they seek to become fully engaged members of our community.

Our overall goal is to respect, develop and invest in our newest community members in order to strengthen the community as a whole. Our programs are both effective and highly regarded among our participants and community partners. The services we offer assist people in obtaining financial security through gainful employment, access to financial resources, and support of their overall wellbeing.

What We Do

Education Program - Free classes assist adult refugees/immigrants in improving their English skills and empower them to learn the skills necessary to function more independently in the United States. MORE provides free classes at six levels of English beginning at pre-literate. At this level, participants are not literate in their own language, rarely having attended school previously. Attaining an incrementally higher level of English language proficiency helps students earn incrementally higher wages. One level gain takes approximately 160 hours of classroom instruction, approximately six weeks in MORE's classes. One level gain attained in English learning is equal to the learner receiving an additional $1,626 in annual income. In the past year, MORE's Education Program Participants successfully achieved 36 level gains adding a potential $58,536 in annual income for those learners.

Social Services Program - Support families in managing life's myriad of issues and complexities & help refugees/immigrants meet their basic needs, stabilize financially and achieve or sustain self-sufficiency. Assist our participants in navigating the American medical, welfare, housing, legal, educational and other systems. Provide advocacy to ensure access to community financials resources such as county cash benefits (MFIP), SSI, subsidized housing, etc. Almost 200 individuals were provided with an average of 2.14 case management visits each. Financially stabilize families through our Basic Needs services by providing free food/clothing/household goods on a weekly basis to ensure families are not going without life's necessities. Over 500 participants were provided Basic Needs services an average of 3.45 times.

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