Help Kua'aina Ulu Auamo (KUA) bring marketing materials to life with a compelling visual or a custom illustration that conveys the defining characteristics of their organization.
Kua'aina Ulu Auamo (KUA)
Kaneohe, HI, USA
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Kua'aina Ulu Auamo (KUA)
Kaneohe, HI, USA


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Posted March 5th

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Project Details

What We Need
  • A high-resolution digital version of an illustration that can be used across multiple channels (web, print, and/or merchandising)
Additional Details

1-3 illustrations (b/w or color) that depicts our deep aloha & affection for one of our co-directors. The herculean role she plays in uplifting our org & network of community stewards does not go unnoticed. However, she is rarely photographed and her work, too, is often described as the *unseen magic* that inspires positive change in everyone. This isn't a portrait, but rather a creative, abstract, metaphorical illo that will be used as a thank you to her.

What We Have In Place
  • We currently have a bunch of bad photos (and a few good ones) of miwa to help capture some of her likeness. We also have awesome written (fan) testimony for miwa to help give you an idea of what she means to us and hope it inspires the illustration. I can also share an article and one-pagers that describe our non-profit work in land & ocean stewardship of which Miwa was instrumental in setting up our values and systems and the way we care for our people and places in Hawai'i.
How This Will Help
This project will save us $4,212 , allowing us to properly honor one of our lifelong heroes and possibly immortalize her and her legacy on our website.

We would like to honor this hero of ours, but without a good photo, this illustration may be used in some of our broader communications with our networks via email, or website (blog, founders page) and possibly social media.

Project Plan

Prep: Distribution of Prep Materials
  • Volunteer Manager sends Professional existing branding or marketing materials
  • Volunteer Manager provides Professional with relevant background information on the Organization, mission, and core values
Milestone 1: Brainstorm
  • Professional and Volunteer Manager meet to discuss goals, target audience, and how the illustration will be utilized
  • Volunteer Manager and Professional align expectations for the initial drawings and agree upon a timeline
Milestone 2: Preliminary Sketching
  • Professional drafts and presents three concepts for the Organization’s illustration
  • Volunteer Manager chooses a favorite concept and provides up to two rounds of feedback, which the Professional uses to refine the Illustration
Milestone 3: Presentation of Deliverables
  • Professional delivers a final version of the Illustration in digital form
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About The Org

Kua'aina Ulu Auamo (KUA)
Posted by
Ginger G.

Community Engagement & Development Coordinator

Our Mission

KUA is an innovative, community-based initiative for protecting, restoring and caring for Hawaii. Our unique native species, ecosystems and island way of life in Hawaii are deeply interconnected, and are at the heart of what makes these islands "home." We believe large-scale change happens only when connected, caring communities of people move together. Together with our partners, KUA is growing a grassroots, islands-wide movement for nature, people, culture and justice.

What We Do

KUA means back, or backbone. Together, we are building a "backbone organization" that supports creative and collective community-based solutions to problems stemming from environmental degradation in Hawaii. When communities can come together, we can tackle increasingly complex problems, support each other, and leverage more resources for our work.


I have nothing but great things to say about RJ - mahalo nui for taking on this project! The project was a deeply meaningful one for the staff. We were looking at a way to capture the change in our orgranization?s leadership in a visual way. We had just one discussion and a few emails providing visual inspiration and cultural background, and RJ was able to pull together all the strands of ideas, emotions, and intentions into a perfect illustration. The final project really impressed me. He pushed for excellence and exceeded expectations, incorporating a number of meaningful motifs we discussed. The image shows ties to the landscapes found in our KUA networks, the folks who steward ??ina (lands), our coastlines, practitioners, gatherers and fishers; as well as the motifs of change, transition, and leadership. Celebrating this transition with dignity and grace is as much for us as it is for our co-director, Miwa. Thank you, RJ, for capturing the essence of a very powerful and important force of our organization! And many thanks to you for your deep listening in our conversations and trusting your own na?au in the creation of such a beautiful piece.
Ginger Gohier
Ginger G.

Community Engagement & Development Coordinator

Illustration Project

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