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Stand 4 Sisterhood
Dallas, TX, USA
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Stand 4 Sisterhood
Dallas, TX, USA


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Posted February 22nd

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Organizational Strategy Call

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S4S is currently rebranding, therefore, I would like to receive advice on my mission, vision, purpose statements, organization's colors, and logo before adding them to the new website and merch.

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About The Org

Stand 4 Sisterhood
Our Mission

Stand 4 Sisterhood, founded by Marguritte S. Johnson, officially established in Dallas, TX on December 21, 2016, with a mission to strategically strengthen the socio-economic conditions of underserved girls and women via mentoring, personal growth, professional development, prevention, and peer to peer support.

The purpose of S4S is to eliminate the economic, mental, and social barriers for girls and women resulting in poverty, gender inequality, and relentless cycles of abuse and addiction.

Furthermore, the vision of S4S is to enrich girls and women globally with a foundation of identity that empowers them to live, lead, and leave a legacy for generations to follow.

What We Do

To bring sincere support, hope, and sustainability to girls and women, S4S reintegrates the power of 'Each one, Reach one' via the strategic implementation of inter-generational mentoring.

4Core: Mentoring 4 Generations Network serves as a catalyst of change to catapult our society into proactive solutions by presenting opportunities for girls and women from all generations to connect, engage, and exchange life experiences while paying it forward as a collective cohort.

S4S is committed to investing in our future... the extraordinary girls of our communities via our LEVEL-UP Initiative with Innovation Design Entrepreneurship Academy (DISD School) and via our annual 7-Day Life Enrichment Camp: Diamonds in the Rough.

Both programs focus on Life Skills, STEM, Financial Literacy, Tutoring, College & Career Readiness, Entrepreneurship, Diversity, Mental Health, Wellness/Self-Care, Communication, Family Dynamics, and SMART Goals.

Since its establishment, S4S has empowered 4000+ girls and women via our advocacy and awareness outreach, provided meals, clothing, and hygiene products to 5000+ within the homeless and domestic violence communities, distributed backpacks filled with school supplies to 5000+ youth in LMI areas, awarded $4600 in scholarships, and since the onset of COVID-19 supplied PPE (masks, gloves, and sanitizing wipes), fresh produce and dry food boxes to 7500+ families impacted by the ongoing pandemic.

Michelle Obama stated it best, "When girls are educated, their countries become stronger and prosperous."


I enjoyed my Organizational Strategy call with Shanel. She was very easygoing and concerned about how the snowstorm affected my family and me. I loved that she really wanted to learn more about our programs and services. I was very impressed with the fact that she reached out prior to our call to inquire more about my strategic business plan and funding strategies. We spoke about the importance of Operational, Business, and Transformation Structuring and stream-lining my mission/vision statements to provide a clear understanding about the purpose of Stand 4 Sisterhood. Shanel suggested that I consider having a website on SquareSpace, implement a grant-writing team, refine my programming, track my impact, and definitely consider internships and/or temp agencies for staff recruitment and hiring. My homework is to identify both the short and long-term goals for my organization and research multi-year program grant opportunities. During the call, Shanel also presented valuable resources and corporate grantors that could aid in our mission. I am beyond thankful for her time and expertise. #ShanelROCKS! #CatchaFireROCKS! Thank you both!
Marguritte Johnson
Marguritte J.

Executive Director

Organizational Strategy Phone Call

Marguritte was a pleasure to speak with! She was warm and open to discussing her long-term vision for the organization. She's done a ton of work already with Stand 4 Sisterhood, reaching thousands of women and girls in the Dallas area, so the call went that much easier because we were able to discuss ways she could structure her programming and funding strategy while achievable measurable results. I was so impressed with Marguritte's reach in her community, I have high hopes that her planning and expansion for the organization goes smoothly! What a rockstar in her community!
Shanel Balloo
Shanel B.


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