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Center for Coalfield Justice
Washington, PA, USA
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Center for Coalfield Justice
Washington, PA, USA


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Posted January 21st

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Visual Branding Call

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I'd like some help with a logo for a certain campaign we are leading at work. We are trying to protect a lake from coal mining damages. I'm thinking of an osprey catching a fish out of a lake.

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About The Org

Center for Coalfield Justice
Our Mission

To improve policy and regulations for the oversight of fossil fuel extraction and use; to educate, empower and organize coalfield residents; and to protect public and environmental health.

What We Do

Our approach for working with area residents values their knowledge about the land, waterways, and communities. We provide community members with detailed information about proposed projects and potential impacts so they can make informed decisions on individual or collective actions. Our recognition of local expertise is grounded in the belief that people who live with the daily impacts of fossil fuel extraction should be treated with the utmost respect. Our work is informed and directed by how local people think these industries should be held accountable for impacts. By blending organizing and legal work, we seek to create an expanded set of options for achieving justice than might be produced by following solely a legal or organizing approach.


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