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Help Downtown Boxing Gym Youth Program develop and refine their people management skills.
Downtown Boxing Gym Youth Program
Detroit, MI, USA
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Downtown Boxing Gym Youth Program
Detroit, MI, USA


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Posted November 26th

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Project Details

What We Need
  • Initial assessment of areas of strength, targets for improvement and specific areas of focus desired for the coaching sessions
  • Up to 6 coaching sessions exploring areas such as motivation, empowerment, collaboration, communication, giving / receiving feedback & conflict management
  • Wrap-up session with actionable steps and advice moving forward as a manager
What We Have In Place
  • We currently have zoom/google meet, which should make it easy for you to get started. We also have data/stats, and the ability to provide any other information you need.
How This Will Help
This project will save us $7,248 , allowing us to continue providing breakfast, lunch and dinner to our students for free.

Hi all!

My name is Asiyah Williamson, I am the apprentice to the Downtown Boxing Gyms founder, Khali Sweeney. I once was a student at the gym and Khali was my direct mentor. He is now choosing me to train and eventually operate our entire organization. I am very new to management and would love an opportunity to build skills/obtain advice in managing a team. Thank you!

Project Plan

Prep: Initial Assessment
  • Professional and Volunteer Manager discuss perceived areas of strength, areas of improvement, and asses direct report or team motivation and morale
  • Professional and Volunteer Manager decide on specific areas to focus on and goals for each coaching session
  • Volunteer Manager and Professional discuss if feedback from direct reports, peers or managers should be part of the process
Milestone 1: Coaching Sessions
  • In-depth coaching sessions on topics like motivation, empowerment, collaboration, communication, giving / receiving feedback & conflict management
  • Ensure each session is followed by a trial period to apply the skills and report back at subsequent sessions on the outcomes, learnings and follow-up questions
  • [Suggested Session] Motivating and empowering direct reports to achieve the most productivity, creativity and job satisfaction
  • [Suggested Session] Effective communication and strategies how to give and receive feedback to ensure a constructive relationship between managers and direct reports
  • [Suggested Session] Strategies to ensure successful collaboration between managers and direct reports like establishing areas of ownership and effective delegation
  • [Suggested Session] Conflict management tactics for dealing with interpersonal conflict within teams or across teams
Milestone 2: Wrap-up & Learnings
  • Volunteer Manager and Professional evaluate lessons learned and progress made throughout coaching sessions
  • Volunteer Manager and Professional discuss action steps and areas of focus going forward
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About The Org

Downtown Boxing Gym Youth Program
Our Mission

Through education, athletics, mentoring, and intervention, Downtown Boxing Gym (DBG) empowers Detroit youth to be positive and productive members of society.

What We Do

Since 2007, founder Khali Sweeney and his team have provided a free, after-school, safe-haven for Detroit youth between the ages of 8 and 18. From humble beginnings in a former car wash with only a handful of students, DBG has grown to currently serve 150 boys and girls, in a renovated printing press. Our students are African-American, Arab-American, and Latino, from 28 different zip codes. The philosophy behind our motto 'Books before Boxing' has encouraged 275 high school graduates and continues to help maintain our 100% high school graduation rate. We serve our mission Monday through Friday, all year long, with a powerful combination of tutoring, academic intervention, enrichment programming, career exposure, college and career readiness, athletics, and community service. Our team provides transportation from school and back home each evening, as well as a daily snack and evening meal. Through countless partnerships, we're able to provide field trips to science and history museums, art institutions, professional sports events, and cultural exchange programs.

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