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Help The Children's Agenda by speaking with a member of their organization on the phone for 1 hour about their marketing materials.
The Children's Agenda
Rochester, NY, USA
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The Children's Agenda
Rochester, NY, USA


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Posted November 24th

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Marketing Materials Call

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I'd like to learn more about tools for creating infographics. I have been playing around with piktochart and like it, but need sources for illustrations used for them.

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About The Org

The Children's Agenda
Posted by
Joseph C.

Director of Communications & Development

Our Mission

The Children's Agenda's advocates for effective policies and drives evidence-based solutions for the health, education and success of children, especially for children who are the most vulnerable because of poverty, racism, health inequities and trauma.

What We Do

Only The Children's Agenda improves the lives of children of all ages by engaging leaders in systemic change through research, collaboration and advocacy. Our work creates an equitable community. The organization was created in 2004 as an initiative of the Rochester Area Community Foundation with United Way and leading children's service providers to help our community make (as our tagline says) "Smart Choices & Bold Voices."

The Children's Agenda does three things:
1) Advocacy (such as strengthening Child Protective Services or increasing funding for child care assistance),
2) Evidence-based research (such as analyzing proposed school district, city, county and state budget expenditures), and
3) Collaborative systems-building (such as staffing ROC the Future). We make systems work for kids.

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