Organizational Strategy Call

Help UC Berkeley, Arsenic Remediation Projects by speaking with a member of their organization on the phone for 1 hour about their organizational strategy.
UC Berkeley, Arsenic Remediation Projects
Berkeley, CA, USA
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UC Berkeley, Arsenic Remediation Projects
Berkeley, CA, USA


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Posted November 19th

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Organizational Strategy Call

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We're looking for strategic advice on applying for grant-based fundraising to extend our product pilot and enter scale-up phase. Targets include foundations, individual donors, and competitions.

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About The Org

UC Berkeley, Arsenic Remediation Projects
Our Mission

We are a group of engineering faculty, staff, and graduate students at UC Berkeley. Our mission is to undertake invention and conduct research and engineering efforts towards the alleviation of poverty and human suffering. Our primary focus is on problems of energy and water.


We had a very helpful and engaging conversation with Jay on Friday. Jay helped us piece apart the challenges and strengths of our scale-up plan and think more critically about our long-term goals. With Jay's guidance, we were able to brainstorm next steps such as a social media educational campaign and identification of additional strategic institutional partnerships. We look forward to staying in touch and will surely reach out with additional questions as they arise!
Kate Cullen
Kate C.

PhD Student

Organizational Strategy Phone Call

It was a pleasure talking with Kate and Andrea about this impressive undertaking. Kate provided helpful information before our call to make sure we best used our time. Andrea provided excellent insight into the project, its reach and its challenges across cultures. We had a great discussion around several considerations including messaging, distribution, building an online community, creating strategic partnerships, scaling the endeavor and cultural barriers... among other things. I wish them all the best with this project!
Jay Johnson
Jay J.


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