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Website Visual Design

Help Ekvn-Yefolecv Ecovillage capture attention and inspire action with beautiful visual design that gives emotional resonance to the written content on their new or existing website.
Ekvn-Yefolecv Ecovillage
Weogufka, AL, USA
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Ekvn-Yefolecv Ecovillage
Weogufka, AL, USA


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Posted August 30th

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Project Details

What We Need
  • A visual redesign of the Organization's website
  • Design direction based on Organization's desired branding and style preferences
  • Mock-ups of key site pages
  • Commitment to 2 phone calls with a developer to guide initial front-end coding work
  • Note: We recommend this project for custom websites. If your site is built on a CMS platform like Wordpress or Squarespace that offers design templates, you may not need a visual design. Check out our Website Content Plan project for help designing a CMS-based website
What We Have In Place
  • We currently have a website address with a little bit of content, which should make it easy for you to get started. We also have selected photos and text for the desired pages, and the ability to provide any other information you need.
How This Will Help
This project will save us $9,186 , allowing us to apply those saved funds to our programming in: language revitalization, natural building and regenerative agriculture.

We have kept our project relatively quiet for several years and are just now desiring to become more public through the creation of this website. **We are in need of a volunteer with some experience in coding for this website**

Project Plan

Prep: Distribution of Prep Materials
  • For new websites, Volunteer Manager shares Sitemap, wireframes, content or interaction flowcharts
  • Volunteer Manager shares logo & brand guidelines
Milestone 1: Analysis of Materials & Brainstorm
  • Professional connects with Volunteer Manager to discuss the goals for the design, brainstorm initial ideas and align expectations for the project
Milestone 2: Initial Design
  • Professional creates a mock-up design based on the wireframes, content and ideas discussed in the initial meeting
  • Volunteer Manager reviews mock-ups and provides feedback (2-3 rounds), which the Professional incorporates into design revisions
Milestone 3: Finalize Design
  • Professional delivers a final visual design with style guide and design notes for the Volunteer Manager's approval
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About The Org

Ekvn-Yefolecv Ecovillage
Our Mission

Ekvn-Yefolecv is an intentional ecovillage community of Indigenous Maskoke persons who, after 180 years of having been forcibly removed from traditional Alabama homelands, have returned to practice linguistic, cultural and ecological sustainability. Designed as a holistic decolonization paradigm shift, residents of the ecovillage are manifesting an off-grid income-sharing community with natural building construction and renewable energy. We are revitalizing our language through an immersion school, reintroducing threatened animal species (namely buffalo and sturgeon), and growing hierloom crops to decolonize our diets. Ekvn-Yefolecv exemplifies departure from extractive economies and models a Just Transition to more equitable and culturally/linguistically sustainable lifeways.

What We Do

Indigenous Language Revitalization, Natural Building, Regenerative Agriculture, Food Sovereignty, Cultivating Indigenous Self-Determination, Endangered Animal and Ethnobotanical Species Restoration, Reviving Maskoke Matriarchy, Reclaiming Traditional Homelands

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