Tech Systems Call

Help St. Mary's Nutrition Center by speaking with a member of their organization on the phone for 1 hour about their technical system needs.
Tech Systems Call

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I'd like to brainstorm ideas for finding a cost-effective alternative to a free mapping and routing app (called Routific) that we're currently using to do food deliveries out to community members.

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About The Org

St. Mary's Nutrition Center
Our Mission

The Nutrition Center brings people together to collectively imagine and build a just food system and healthy community.

What We Do

We work with our community to:

- Make healthy and local food accessible and affordable;
- Grow gardens and support local farmers;
- Cultivate partnerships with young people as engaged leaders and changemakers;
- Create opportunities for people with diverse experiences to learn and share with each other; and
- Build vibrant neighborhoods and deepen connections between people, place, and the land.

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