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Kathy W.

Brand Messaging

for  Achieve Hartford!
Hartford, CT, USA
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Mary C.

Achieve Hartford!

Posted Date
Nov 22, 2013
Virtual volunteer opportunity
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Impact statement
This project will save us $3,600 , allowing us to create a shared responsibility to provide 23 thousand students high quality education in our city so that they are college and career ready.

Project Details

What We Need
  • Document that articulates in a consistent voice key messages about our organization’s identity, constituents, and mission and vision.
  • Creation of taglines and talking points to help us communicate clearly and concisely
  • Recommendations on tailoring our messaging for common communication channels (e.g., website copy, printed marketing collateral, pitching verbally)
What We Have In Place
  • We currently have a new strategic plan, which should make it easy for you to get started. We also have an annual report, appeal and giving guide collateral, and the ability to provide any other information you need.
How This Will Help

Like every nonprofit, messaging is a critical part of our operation. Without proper messaging, we cannot communicate what we do and therefore cannot fully utilize or impress our current and future donors. This project will help increase donors and further increase our capacity and sustainability.

Project Plan

Prep: Distribution of Prep Materials
  • Volunteer Manager provides Professional with current marketing materials such as mission and vision statement, annual report, and promotional materials
  • Volunteer Manager sends links to website and social media pages
Milestone 1: Information Gathering
  • Professional leads a brand exploration process in order to fully understand the Organization’s mission, vision, target audiences, competitors, brand differentiators, and brand objectives
  • Professional researches competitive landscape and public perception of Organization
Milestone 2: First Draft
  • Professional drafts proposed messaging and multiple tagline options
  • Volunteer Manager provides feedback, which Professional incorporates
Milestone 3: Final Draft
  • Professional delivers final Brand Messaging document
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About The Org

Our Mission

Through independent research, evaluation, and engaging the community, Achieve Hartford! creates urgency and shared responsibility for closing the educational achievement gap in Hartford.

What We Do

Achieve Hartford! was founded to build the capacity of our entire community to take ownership of and turn around its struggling schools in partnership with the Hartford School District. Research shows that while school reform must start internally within the school system, sustaining reform can only happen externally. Mayors, Board of Education members, and Superintendents change over time. Thus, a highly engaged community is required to ensure long-term school and student improvement. Essential to the different stakeholders in our community plugging in, is having really good information on what’s working, what’s not working, and how best to make a difference.

Vision: The entire Hartford community values and recognizes high-quality education and maintains high expectations both of the schools and the children in Hartford. We contribute to this through high quality research,timely and relevant data analysis, and deep engagement of the entire community. Our role as a "critical friend" of the educational system is seen as vital to the success of our city. Our impact is widely recognized in the improvement in educational and community level indicators.


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