Website Construction (CMS-Based)

Help Chicago Volunteer Doulas communicate their work with a content management system (CMS)-based website, so that they can easily manage and update site content on a regular basis.
Chicago Volunteer Doulas
Chicago, IL, USA
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Chicago Volunteer Doulas
Chicago, IL, USA


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Posted May 29th

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Website Construction (CMS-Based)

Project Details

What We Need
  • Development of a new website using a Content Management System (CMS)
  • Training to ensure Organization's staff members can update content and manage the site post-launch
  • Note: This project is for a website built with a Content Management System (CMS), such as Wordpress, Squarespace, Joomla, Drupal, or Weebly . A CMS-based website can be maintained and updated easily (no coding required!)
Additional Details

Light CODING REQUIRED on NATION BUILDER (CMS platform). We have a design for a website that aligns with our revamped mission and have branding guidelines but do NOT have the capability in house to rebuild it. WE DO NOT WANT TO SWITCH TO WORD PRESS. We would so appreciate the guidance of an expert!

What We Have In Place
  • We currently have A website in the nation builder platform and branding guidel, which should make it easy for you to get started. We also have A vision for the direction of revisions, and the ability to provide any other information you need.
How This Will Help
This project will save us $16,822 , allowing us to To use dollars to maintain salaries for staff and stipends for doulas!

This will help us more accurately tell our story to visitors, and more inclusively welcome clients!

Project Plan

Prep: Share Information
  • Volunteer Manager provides Professional with an outline of the Organization’s needs and goals for the new website, which should include any specific features that are required (e.g., contact forms, mobile responsive design, member sign in, etc.)
  • Volunteer Manager provides approved content and images to be used for the new website (e.g., About Us copy, Mission Statement, staff bios and images, etc.)
  • Volunteer Manager provides Professional with links to any existing online presence that the Organization has (e.g., social media, blog, existing website, etc.)
  • Volunteer Manager registers Organization's domain name with a web host, if necessary
Milestone 1: Kick-off Discussion
  • Volunteer Manager and Professional connect to discuss the timeline and scope of the website project, including: the number of pages or sections for the new website, specific features and plugins requires, look and feel for the website (themes), target date for initial review, target date for website launch
  • Professional reviews information provided and makes recommendations for which CMS application to use
  • Volunteer Manager signs up for the selected CMS application, and provides Professional with credentials to create the website
Milestone 2: Build & Review
  • Professional uses the materials provided and agreed upon timeline to build the website
  • Volunteer Manager reviews the in-progress website and provides feedback
  • Professional completes any required functional QA
Milestone 3: Website Launch
  • Professional provides final website for approval to launch
  • Volunteer Manager approves the website for launch, or requests approval from any stakeholders
  • Professional launches the site on Organization's domain name
  • Professional troubleshoots any issues that may arise immediately after launch
  • Professional instructs the Volunteer Manager on how to update content and maintain the website going forward
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About The Org

Chicago Volunteer Doulas
Our Mission

We are a birth justice organization providing comprehensive doula support for vulnerable communities in Chicagoland.

What We Do

A Chicago Volunteer Doula is a labor support professional who has chosen to commit time and energy to helping pregnant people and their families in Chicago. Our doulas come from a variety of backgrounds. They are social workers, childcare workers, cab drivers, accountants, stay-at-home moms, midwifery students, artists, activists, nurses, lawyers, teachers, yoga instructors and massage therapists. Our doulas celebrate different cultural backgrounds and some are fluent in Spanish.

All of our doulas have been trained by an accredited organization and many are certified. Some of our doulas are new to the profession while many have been supporting mothers in childbirth for years. Each doula has been interviewed by our administrators to ensure that they support our mission and are committed to the families we serve. We provide our doulas with an organizational orientation and Intercultural Communication and Birth Justice training and mentor match.